The Science Behind Our Truly Odd Ingredients

Dr. Jekyll, being the mad scientist that he is, incorporates various forms of superfoods as flavor and aroma contributors during the brewing process in a proprietary way to scienceinclude ingredients in its natural state, raw powders, powder extracts and nano encapsulates of non‐miscible ingredients in liquid such flaxseed oil, algal oil, turmeric, marigold oil, cinnamon oil, ginger oil, and clove oil, for example.

Now we know what you’re thinking, nano-encapsulates of non-miscible…what? In simple terms, we can mix oil in water, or in beer, as in Dr. Jekyll’s beer. And we’re not talking about the black stuff out of the ground…though we could if we wanted to make a nasty tasting beer that you could run your car on. No other beer company can do this.

For the science geek in all of us….. By using exclusive proprietary technology from our partners at Virun, Inc., a totally rad Nutra-Biosciences company located in California, Dr. Jekyll’s is able to nano encapsulate these normally “un-mixable” ingredients in an all natural way where they are invisible to the eye at around 20 nanometers and remain in suspension virtually indefinitely. These ingredients we use are vegan friendly and Non GMO and have been approved for use in “Made with Organic Products” by our two organic certifying agencies.

The benefits are many. Aroma and flavor contributions are enhanced and more stable, ensuring product consistency and quality. Virun also reports bioavailability is ~500% greater than normal. Dr. Jekyll’s brews with these “truly odd” ingredients for other reasons as well…all for the purpose of creating a truly unique, great tasting, remarkable craft beer.

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