Behind the Scenes

Being Organic Makes a Difference!

  • Who doesn’t want to be in harmony with nature, and leave out all those nasty pesticides and industrial solvents? And it’s better for the environment. We say, check those pesky chemicals at the door, and go organic!
  • Factoid: Did you know that being organic also means non-GMO? (non-genetically modified organism). That means no genetically “altered” food, which may look prettier — even though that 3 headed cow may appeal to some people — or “enhanced,” kind of like some of those “enhanced” folks running around Hollywood.
  • And how about another factoid? Even the non-organic ingredients in organically certified foods and beverage must be up to snuff. That means no sewage sludge used in the fertilizers (yuck, who would do that anyway!) and no irradiating or zapping of our ingredients!

In 2007, the Leavy Farm began organic hop production and The Oregon Hophouse became the first certified organic hop farm in Oregon, providing US grown organic hops to brewers around the country and Canada. Certified by Oregon Tilth, organic hop production has since become the major focus of the farm.

Our German Perle and Fuggles hops come from here!

Organic Hops Northwest is the premier supplier of domestic organic hops to the American craft brewing industry. They were founded by four hop-growing families in the Yakima Valley as a way to improve the link between the organic brewing community and the organic hop growers.

Roy Farms prides it self in developing and implementing new organic farm technology that impacts harvest yields and quality of both Alpha and Aroma varieties. Product traceability and Food Safety Standards are applied to all conventionally grown and organic hops. The Company Culture at Roy Farms supports Sustainable Farming Practices through Resource Management and Environmental Stewardship.

The Great Western Malting Company is committed to quality – from the selection of organic barley at harvest to production to delivery, their experienced team employs world-class processes to ensure consistent quality with every shipment. Because a better malt is in the details.

And yep, you guessed it, our malt comes from here!

Organic Certifiers is committed to working with organic producers dedicated to providing consumers with certified organic products. Their job is to ensure organic integrity of production throughout the entire chain of custody. And, that’s what they did with Dr. Jekyll’s – scrutinized all our ingredients and every step of our process, going through it all with a fine toothed comb. And, just look at us, we have a full head of hair (except Jimmy…sorry Bro)!

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