Foodie Corner

Some Suggested Food Pairings 


Bio Beer – Our sessionable spiced IPA with notes of clove and ginger pairs well with flavorful meats and spicy
dishes such as rib eye, grilled lamb, BBQ ribs, pulled pork, Andouille and Chorizo sausages, strong cheeses such as blue, extra sharp cheddar, brie, rich desserts such as cheese cakes and carrot cakes.


Beer Belly – Our American Kölsch which is light and crisp, gently fruitier than pilsners with berry notes and a mild tart grapefruit finish,  pairs well with delicate fish and shellfish, mild sausages such as bratwurst and knockwurst, salads, cream based pasta dishes, and mild cheeses and olive.


Beer Attack – Our smooth Irish Red with its caramel malty flavor and mild smoky nuttiness with hints of cinnamon and chocolate pairs well with BBQ, corned beef, roast beef, roast lamb, grilled chicken, Sheppard’s pie, and strong fish dishes such as grilled salmon and swordfish, tomato based pasta dishes, root vegetables and cabbage and sweet breads and spiced desserts.

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