Giving Back

A Note from Dr. Jekyll’s Head Beerologist

Thanks for reading this and for supporting Dr. Jekyll’s.

Giving back to charities, these specific charities, has a very special and personal meaning to me, as I’m sure they may to many of you reading this as well.

Not only did I want to create a unique, great tasting organic beer that had a little “extra something” to it from our “truly odd” ingredients we brew with, I wanted to help people. You see, each of these charities has meaning to me.

Beer Belly’s associated charity, the Wounded Warrior Project, helps
wounded veterans.  My father lost his leg to enemy hand grenades during the Korean War in 1953 while fighting with the 187th
 Airborne Regimental Combat Team, aka the “Rakkasans.”  I, myself, was a Ranger qualified paratrooper with the 2nd Battalion 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.  Though not wounded in combat, I have West Point classmates of mine who were while they led troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and other contentious places around the world.

Helping veterans who protect our country after coming home scarred for life — physically, emotionally and mentally, is something we at Dr. Jekyll’s take seriously and are proud to do.

The American Cancer Society directly and indirectly helps people suffering from cancer, as well as those yet to be diagnosed through research and education.  Most people know someone who has had cancer.  I, too, know many… several relatives, my brother, good friends, and associates…it’s sad, but this hideous disease affects everyone, in some way.  If we can help, knowing every pint of Bio Beer you raise to your mouth in some small way helps someone with cancer, well then, what’s not to feel good about.

Same can be said for the American Heart Association. My father died of a brain hemorrhage resulting from a clot. I loved my Dad a lot. It was devastating. I also had close friends die of heart attacks.  The American Heart Association helps save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care as it relates to heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease.  So if you get confused, reach for Beer Attack, the red beer (makes sense), that’s the one that supports the AHA.

As we roll out more beers, each one will have its own related charity.  Thanks for drinking Dr. Jekyll’s!

Call it a repressed philanthropic urge among us, but we believe if we can give back to society now, even before we become a successful craft beer company, it’s immediate and it’s guaranteed.

We all get caught up in the daily grind, barely having time for ourselves never mind giving to a worthy cause or those in need. Well, here’s a way you can feel good – when you buy a Dr. Jekyll’s beer, you’re giving directly back to society, regardless if we make a profit or not. Our donations do not come out of “profits,” which can be meaningless, as many accountants find creative ways to show “no profit.” Our charitable contributions come from our “Proceeds” – meaning it comes straight off the top, before expenses, before taxes, and yes….before profit.

That means 1% of every beer you buy goes straight to helping someone. It’s guaranteed to help a cause or a person directly.

So drink up and have another, because that 1%, too, will go to charity. Feels good to feel good! Doesn’t it?!

Each beer has its own charity it donates to. An astute individual (such as yourself) would connect the dots, and see a relationship between the charity and the beer. Hmmmm. Think now…..Come on, you can do it!

BIO BEER –> American Cancer Society

BEER ATTACK –> American Heart Association

BEER BELLY –> Wounded Warrior Project

Tom Costa

President and Head Beerologist

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