Disclaimer Alert!!!  Fellow Beer Fans, I’m sorry, but Mr. Hyde keeps inserting his vulgar comments and we just can’t keep up deleting them, so if something offends you, I’m truly sorry (but Im not sorry, you little wuss!). Hyde, Stop it.

“With all these superfoods you guys are putting in the beer, do we get an added health benefit?”

We can’t tell you the beer gives you an added health benefit as that would be irresponsible and unsubstantiated (but it frickin’ does!). Hyde… I’m not gonna tell you again!  Sorry…The unique ingredients, most of which are well-known super foods, on the other hand… gotcha! ☺…(oh who are we kidding, they are SUPER healthy for you!)…Hyde, we can’t say that… anyway, they impart special flavor and aroma characteristics to the beer. Same goes for the fact that our beer is made with organic ingredients, is vegan friendly and non-GMO, we cannot say it is better for you or healthier for you, as no one really knows (but it is, you uneducated loser, who still lives with his parents at 40). So, my apologies, feel free to make your own conclusions. We like adding these “truly odd” ingredients for many reasons, but like I said, mainly to impart unique and distinctive flavors and aroma.

The number one question everyone asks us at festivals is, “Do you guys have a tasting room?”

Not yet, but we are in the process of building a tasting room with a small brewery (so don’t get your panties in a wad). Stop it, Hyde!  Sorry…we will offer specials, limited releases, and test market new brews with folks at the bar.  We will offer a unique and memorable Dr. Jekyll’s experience which we don’t quite yet want to spill the beans, tip our hat or let the cows out of the barn…not quite yet, but it’s killing me not to!  It will be fun and we’ll have some really good eats, too!  Looking at the DTLA area.  Stay tuned.

Where’s your brewery?

We have a pilot nano brewery located in Pasadena, CA where all the development and formulations happen.  We also have our partner Ray’s (he’s a lazy bum) 10bbl brewery we use for scale ups and test marketing brews. Our production beers are brewed in Ukiah, CA at Mendocino Brewery where we assist in every aspect of the brewing process, from brewing, fermentation, filtering and packaging. We are very hands on in every step with our partners up North.  We are all brewers and our Master Brewer has brewed side by side with Mendocino’s Master Brewers (he smells bad, too…).  Hyde!…get outta my head! Sorry, Ray. Anyway, it’s a great partnership. Someday, in the not so distant future, we will build a large scale production brewery of our own, when we can afford it using our own money. Unlike some craft brewery startups, we didn’t have a few million bucks to build a brewery (’cause we ain’t a bunch of rich, silver spoon, trust fund babies!), hire top marketing people and beer consultants, etc. We literally started in my garage and was funded initially by myself, exhausting every penny saved (yeah, now your dumb ass is done broke!), then later with the help of friends and family.

“I just bought a Bio Beer and there is sediment on the bottom of the bottle. What’s up with that?

This is the result of chill haze, which has become permanent haze leaving sediment on the bottom. It does not affect taste or aroma (so stop being a whinny-ass bitch, it’s actually good for ya, all that brewer’s yeast and protein, puts hair on your chest, and on your back for you guys).  Sorry..again, that’s “Hyde.” He’s actually not a bad guy when it’s just us the two of us talking late at night. Anyway, where was I, oh yes, it’s common with highly hopped craft beers that do not use clarifiers or are unfiltered.  The colder you keep the beer, the more sediment forms over time. Well, you want to keep your beer cold, right?  No need to worry, just decant the beer.  Our beers are moderately filtered allowing some yeast to get through. The yeast adds some flavor and is good for you, which is what we are all about. That said, we have taken steps to alleviate the issue, e.g. increasing boil time in the kettle for one. We also added an organically approved enzyme at fermentation which helps. Most craft breweries add one or more “clarifiers” to their beer.  Most are not approved for organic or vegan use.


For the science geek in all of us, Stone Brewing, whom we are a big fan of (true dat!) discussed chill haze on their blog.  To paraphrase my friends at Stone; Chill haze is a colloidal haze that forms when proteins from the malt form a loose bond with polyphenols from hops. This illustrates why highly hopped beers tend to have this issue more predominantly, as this haze compound forms at colder temperatures (thus the name). When the beer warms back up, the haze typically disappears. You can see this after you pour the beer into a glass and watch it clear up as the beer warms. Or take a bottle out of the refrigerator and let it warm up, and it will also get clearer. But eventually, especially if the beer is stored refrigerated (as it should be) the haze particles will not dissolve as the beer warms, and it then becomes known as permanent haze. Permanent haze tends to clump together in the beer and stay there. The technical term for this permanent haze that clumps together is “floaties.”

“Hi, I’m a beer snob and I know everything about beer. Why are you guys adding crazy adjuncts and stuff in your beer? That’s not traditional.”

Well actually, we really are.  We respectfully point out we are more traditional than beer brewed in accordance to the German Purity Law of 1516 known the Reinheitsgebot, which states beer can only be made with barley, hops and water. The Reinheitsgebot adopted in Bavaria more than 500 years ago is something the Germans came up with, which I respect, especially since I am half German. That said, it is widely known that the Egyptians, not the Germans, invented beer (or discovered it, however you look at it) over 2000 years ago. The Egyptians brewed with interesting botanicals, herbs and spices specifically for medicinal purposes (sound familiar?☺). They also did this with wine. So, for the few, self-appointed beer “experts” (ass wipes) out there who turn their nose at what we are doing and lament we are not “traditional” — sorry dude, or dudette, we actually are.


Also, being organic is traditional. You think the Germans in 1500 used pesticide laden hops and GMO barley? No (you dumb, millennial, mamma’s boy)…..sorry…Hyde again.  They used “organic” malt and hops as EVERYTHING back then was naturally organic!  “Round up” by Monsanto was invented some 480 years later!! (yeah, you tell ’em Dr. Jekyll!, I love you, man!).  Hyde, please move back to the dark places of my mind….Anyway, just be open minded and enjoy all brews, even that chocolate peanut butter, toasted coconut, jalapeno, cherry stout! I just made that up, but hey, I’d try it!

Tom Costa

President and Head Beerologist (….aka Mr. Hyde, at times)

p.s. email us at info@drjekylls.com citing one of Hyde’s comments above and will send you some swag.

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